April 30, 2021

Join the Illinois Department of Economic and Opportunity (DCEO) Office of Trade and Investment and the International Trade Club of Chicago for a World Trade Month webinar event on Thursday, May 6, at 12:00pm CST. Participants will learn about the suite of export assistance programs and services available for Illinois businesses from the U.S. Department of Commerce/U.S. Commercial Service, the SBDC’s International Trade Centers, and Illinois’ Office of Trade and Investment. Expert panelists will include:

  • Margo Markopoulos, Director, Illinois International Trade and Investment Office
  • Monica Toporkiewicz, Sr. International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service
  • Brian Butler, Director, Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at the Joseph Business School

Register: https://bit.ly/3dcAmF4 Webinar: The Outlook on Gas, LNG, and Clean Energy in Asia – April 13 In the Automated Export System (AES) …  it’s required in many situations. Check out tips, helpful links, and see if your shipment is exempt. WEBINAR SERIES: ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING IN LATIN AMERICA

  • How the U.S. Commercial Service helps U.S. architects, designers, and engineers to find partners and sell their services to Latin America.
  • Overviews of specific Latin American markets and ongoing opportunities for U.S. firms in architecture, design, and engineering.
  • Best practices from industry experts for providing services in Latin America.
  • Opportunities to benefit from the ongoing virtual/in-person 2021 International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congress of Architects.

Doing Business in Europe Webinar Series

  • Doing Business in Russia – May 13

West Africa Market Opportunities: Programs and Resources to Help Businesses Succeed Virtual Connections to New Water and Wastewater Opportunities in Brazil Mexico Natural Care Products “Coffee Chat”| Your computer | May 3, 2021 In Mexico, organic and natural personal care products have increasing potential for U.S. exporters due to the international trend toward environmentally-friendly products. Join the U.S. Commercial Service for a “Coffee Chat” discussing Mexico’s natural care products market landscape, as well as regulatory and labeling information to know to sell your products into Mexico.

  • When: May 3, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern
  • Where: Online via MS Teams platform
  • Cost: $0
  • Registration: Please click here

For more information, email Tricia.McLain@trade.gov. European Union Natural Care Products “Coffee Chat”| Your computer | May 5, 2021

  • When: May 5, 2021 at 11:00AM Eastern
  • Where: Online via MS Teams platform
  • Cost: $0
  • Registration: Please click here

Women in the Cosmetic and Personal Care Business in Ethiopia Register Today!  Virtual Offerings: Sub-Saharan Africa Exporting U.S. technology where ICT & Healthcare Solutions converge Information Session:

  • Digital transformation, instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic, fuels growth in the healthcare sector. The public and private sectors witnessed increasing demand to deliver of quality (and in some cases universal) healthcare. This led to several regional governments increasing their priorities for the sector including in policy and legislative planning.
  • However, despite developments the SSA region faces a broad gap in health IT solutions especially in areas such as remote care monitoring, tele-health, data and records management/analysis among other digital health solutions.
  • Although digital transformation has the potential to transform healthcare in SSA, key fundamentals must be addressed including increased public private collaboration as well as investment. This includes deliberate investment (both private and public sector) in new technology solutions as well as upgrading and modernization of existing infrastructure and human capacity building.

Connect with U.S. Commercial Specialists in Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa Doing Business and Best Prospects in South America Webinar Series

Manufacturers Digital Business Solutions for Exporting, May 6- Guyana’s Agriculture Sector Opportunities

  • Farming equipment
  • Technology (farming and light agro-processing)
  • Corn and soya bean plantation
  • Investment opportunities/privatization of the sugar corporation (GuySuco)
  • Aquaculture and fish processing
  • Cocoa and coffee production
  • Livestock and dairy production
  • Agriculture support services
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

May 11, 2021: Market Opportunities in China’s Senior Care Sector – Webinar Register: https://bit.ly/3lH8hZg. Questions: Maryma@ilchinaoffice.com.    Webinar: UK REACH: New Regulations for the Chemicals Sector

  • When: May 19, 2021 at 10:00AM CST
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: $25

Virtual Trade Forum: Medical Technology in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand | Your Computer  |  May 24-28, 2021

  • When: May 24-27; Evenings in the United States / May 25-28; Mornings in Southeast Asia
    Average of two hours per day (not including individual B2B meetings)
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: $180 per company
  • Register: Click here

Post Reconstruction Virtual Trade Mission to Mozambique & Zimbabwe May 24-25 Questions? Contact: Office.maputo@trade.gov  Register today:  For large companies For Small and Medium companies  Opportunities for U.S. Medical Technology Companies in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan”

  • the market potential for innovative medical technologies in these countries,
  • regulations that govern medical devices, 
  • registration systems in place for medical devices and 
  • reimbursement and procurement models 


  • When: June 14-18, 2021
  • Registration Deadline: June 9, 2021
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: $125

Virtual Trade Mission: Virtual Trade Mission Opportunities in West Africa Ivory Coast Nigeria Senegal: These missions will provide participants opportunities to:

  • Increase their export volume
  • Access a 300 million person market
  • Connect with Government officials and public sector decision makers
  • Grow their business in some of the highest growth markets in the world
  • Establish a foothold in the leading markets in West Africa
  • Enter or expand into Africa
  • Exploit opportunities offered by the African Continental Free Trade Area Common Market (AfCFTA)
  • Reach the world from their office desktop

For more information, please contact Sam Ntum at Sam.Ntum@illinois.gov or Bailey Rowell at Bailey.Rowell@trade.gov . This episode of Export Nation

This press release was produced by the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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