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Latest: Russia’s COVID-19 cases surge 47% in a week – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Latest: Russia’s COVID-19 cases surge 47% in a week – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Moscow — Russia’s National Coronavirus Response Headquarters reports that Russia’s daily new infections have nearly halved in the past week and more than doubled in Moscow. The number of infections recorded the day before was 13,510, significantly higher than the 9,163 cases reported on June 6. Almost half of the new cases occurred in Moscow.

Moscow — Russia’s National Coronavirus Response Headquarters reports that Russia’s daily new infections have nearly halved in the past week and more than doubled in Moscow.

The number of infections recorded the day before was 13,510, significantly higher than the 9,163 cases reported on June 6. Almost half of the new cases occurred in Moscow. It was 6,701 from 2,936 a week ago.

Moscow officials said the enforcement of masks and gloves in mass transit, stores and other public places has been strengthened, and offenders could face fines of up to 5,000 rubles ($ 70). ..


Pandemic Details:

— Russia’s COVID-19 cases surge 47% in a week

— Saudi Arabia says Mecca pilgrimage is limited to 60,000 in the kingdom

— Pandemic recurrence causes problems for the Indian middle class


— Follow the Associated Press pandemic coverage details at https://apnews.com/hub/coronavirus-pandemic and https://apnews.com/hub/coronavirus-vaccine.


What else is happening

Istanbul — Turkey is strengthening its COVID-19 vaccination program, with approximately 600,000 vaccinations in the last 24 hours.

Health Minister Fahrett in Koca also tweeted on Saturday that a human trial of a home vaccine is in the final stages.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in June that he would strengthen vaccinations as he aimed to revive the struggling economy, especially the tourism industry.

Since the vaccination began on January 14, more than 33 million doses have been given, including 13.6 million injections, the state-owned Anadolu Agency reported. Turkey has a population of about 84 million.

According to official data, daily infections decreased from 63,000 in mid-April to 6,261 on Friday.

Tourism remains restricted due to the ban on most flights in Russia and the UK’s demand for travelers from Turkey to pay for hotel quarantine stays and PCR tests. But Germany says it will ease quarantine requirements on July 1.

On Monday, Turkey will begin vaccination of people aged 40-49.


Sacramento, California — Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order to lift most of the state’s coronavirus rules.

The order signed by Newsome on Friday will come into effect on Tuesday. This ends the state’s stay-at-home order and its various amendments.

Starting Tuesday, corporate capacity limits and physical distance requirements will be removed. Fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks in most places.

Newsom said he did not intend to end the state-wide state of emergency. This gives the Governor the authority to change or suspend state law in the future. It offended Republicans who said the declaration was unnecessary.


Honolulu — Now that more than half of the population has been vaccinated against COVID-19, Honolulu has relaxed some restrictions on social activities.

The new rules allow up to 25 outdoor social gatherings and up to 10 indoor gatherings.

Karaoke bars and nightclubs can operate at 50% capacity if all participants show evidence that they have been tested for illness or are fully vaccinated.

If 60% of the population is vaccinated, the city will allow a gathering of 25 people indoors and 75 people outdoors. When the vaccination rate exceeds 70%, all restrictions will be lifted.

Honolulu reported 25 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, a 25% decrease from two weeks ago.


Chicago — Authorities have declared Chicago fully reopened on Friday, ending the requirement for people to wear face masks in most indoor locations and limiting capacity to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I released it.

Chicago sometimes deviated from state limits and chose to be stricter or more generous than the state requires. However, city officials will join other parts of Illinois on Friday to lift restrictions about 15 months after Governor JB Pritzker issued his first stay-at-home order as cases of coronavirus began to increase. I decided that.

Unvaccinated people should wear a mask indoors. Masks should also be worn in medical facilities, prisons, shelters, schools, taxis, cars and public transport. Companies can still choose to require people to wear masks on the premises.


United Kingdom Falmouth — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomes the United States and the United Kingdom’s commitment to share millions of coronavirus vaccinations with struggling countries. But he says that’s not enough.

Without global efforts, the coronavirus could “spread like a wildfire” in many developing countries, Guterres said.

Leaders of seven wealthy democratic groups have promised to share at least one billion vaccinations with poor countries, with half doses expected to come from the United States and 100 million from the United Kingdom. ..

To defeat the virus, Guterres says vaccine-manufacturing countries need to form an emergency task force to coordinate an effective response to COVID-19.

“We need a coordinated effort and a global vaccination program,” says Guterres, who attends the summit. “Otherwise, there is a risk that there is still a large area of ​​developing countries where the virus spreads like wildfires.”


Sacramento — Governor Gavin Newsom says he is confident that regulators at his workplace will soon be in line with California’s plan to withdraw virtually all masking requirements for people vaccinated against the coronavirus. I will.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Commission will consider revising conflicting rules on Thursday, two days after the state relaxes pandemic restrictions. Newsam said on Friday that he hopes that workplace regulations will be enforced with the planned reopening.

Companies have been confused by the changing rules about who needs to wear masks and once the largest state in the country is completely resuming from a pandemic.


Jackson, Mississippi. — Due to the lagging demand for shots, Mississippi has transferred more than three-quarters of millions of doses from federal coronavirus vaccine allocations to other states.

Liz Charlotte, a spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Health, said the state has transferred 871,950 vaccinations to Rhode Island, Maine and its national vaccine pools in recent months. Maine is one of the states with the highest immunization rates in the United States.

Mississippi has the lowest vaccination coverage in the country, with about 29% being vaccinated. Just over 930,650 people in the state are fully vaccinated, according to data provided by the State Department.

According to Charlotte, the federal government’s 32,400 doses of Moderna vaccine for Mississippi were sent to Rhode Island on April 20, and 32,400 doses to Maine.

The state has transferred at least 807,150 doses to the federal vaccine pool. The move to the state’s first pool was May 6th.

Every week, the federal government provides all states with a large number of doses available for ordering and distributing to providers, Charlotte said. This number is based on “provider demand and individual state needs,” says Sharlot.

State Department officials check the number of doses Mississippi has weekly available to order and decide whether to order additional doses or send doses to the federal pool for use by other states. ..


London — The United Kingdom has recorded the highest coronavirus infections since late February, most of them due to the first delta mutant identified in India.

Government figures on Friday showed 8,125 new cases, the highest since February 26th. Delta mutants, which are thought to be about 40% more contagious than previous predominant strains, account for over 90% of all new infections in the United Kingdom.

There are concerns that the next blockade easing scheduled for June 21 in the UK may be delayed due to an increase in incidents. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Monday whether the restrictions on social distance will be lifted.

Rapid deployment of the vaccine is expected to break the link between new cases and death, especially as most cases are in the younger age group. An additional 17 coronavirus-related deaths were announced on Friday, bringing the total confirmed to 127,884, the highest in Europe.


Rome — Italy recommends the AstraZeneca vaccine only for people over the age of 60. Young people who receive the first AstraZeneca shot state that they need to be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna on the second shot.

The government’s scientific committee revised the vaccine strategy after reviewing the latest data on rare cases of blood clots in people who received AstraZeneca. It is now functioning because the virus has been significantly reduced, thanks to months of restrictions and a vaccine campaign that has given 45% of the population at least once.

Cases of blood clots after the second dose are “very rare,” according to Dr. Franco Locatelli, director of the Scientific Committee, but the Commission has given people under the age of 60 another vaccine for the second dose. Is recommended.

Other countries, including France and Canada, have made similar recommendations. The European Medicines Agency still recommends that people who receive the first AstraZeneca vaccine be followed up with the same injection.


Colombo, Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka has extended its blockade for another week amid a surge in coronavirus deaths in recent weeks.

Sri Lanka is scheduled to end on June 14, and is under a blockade for almost three weeks. But on Friday, the government announced that it would continue until June 21st.

The new limit will occur on Friday when the number of deaths from the coronavirus exceeds 2,000. It took 14 months to reach the first 1,000 deaths, while the next 1,000 deaths occurred in just 23 days.

People are banned from leaving home, but food and other necessities are distributed through mobile vendors. However, the government states that the ban does not apply to people engaged in important services such as health, food supply, telecommunications and electricity sectors. It can operate factories, construction sites and agricultural departments.

Doctors and health care workers have urged the government to maintain existing travel bans to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The total number of confirmed cases in Sri Lanka has reached 216,134.


Washington — US regulators have allowed 10 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine from a troubled Baltimore plant.

However, according to those familiar with the decision, the material for administering higher doses should be discarded due to the potential for contamination.

The FDA announced on Friday that it has decided to release two batches from the plant. However, it says that some other batches are not suitable for use and additional batches are still under consideration. Dosages occurred at the Emergent BioSolutions plant known as Bayview, which manufactures J & J vaccines.

A second person familiar with this decision confirmed that 10 million doses would be possible. Both people spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publish the details of the AP prior to the announcement.

— By Zeke Miller and Linda A. Johnson


Tokyo — The issue of allowing local fans to enter the venue for the Tokyo Olympics is still under debate and no decision is expected by the end of the month.

Fans from abroad are already banned, as it is shaped primarily as an Olympic Games for television.

Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, initially stated that she would announce the decision in April, but has repeatedly postponed it.

Ticket sales now account for $ 800 million in Organizing Committee revenue. Most of that income is lost and needs to be supplemented by Japanese government agencies.

The postponed Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 23.


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