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Anti-blockage movement quoting “common law” for exemption – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Anti-blockage movement quoting “common law” for exemption – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Anti-blockage supporters write that they are trying to use the common law idea as an excuse to violate COVID-19 safety measures. Tanuki Tom.. When RICKY and his wife Sam were asked to sign in to a vegan restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, they refused. Instead, they created a document that they started reading to the

Anti-blockage supporters write that they are trying to use the common law idea as an excuse to violate COVID-19 safety measures. Tanuki Tom..

When RICKY and his wife Sam were asked to sign in to a vegan restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, they refused. Instead, they created a document that they started reading to the manager on duty. Their treatise talked about “common law” and the illegality of COVID safe restrictions. They told the manager that what she was doing was illegal and she could be sued.

A month later, they returned to the same restaurant. They did the same: refused to sign in, claimed, and threatened. I was recording this time. It was a busy night and the manager was at the scene.

Sarah had enough-she now had two distraught managers threatened by this couple, and she’s already threatening “common law”, especially due to the waste of time of the staff. I was forced to write a document for this. So Sara went out to confront them.

“Why is my manager yelling behind?” She asked. The couple was recording her. They said it was “illegal” and “discriminatory” to refuse service, even though they refused to sign in. Sara told them they wouldn’t be fined thousands of dollars to get them in without signing in.

They said they would sue. Sara told them they were welcome to give it a try. She offered them takeaway. They refused. She told them to leave and asked them not to come back again.

The anti-blocking movement is just cash earning.

Organizers of anti-lockdown and anti-vax protests thrive in a shallow world where success is measured by likes and clicks.

This is now a template interaction.At least a handful of Australian small business owners These people.. They come in and refuse to do a bit of coronavirus-related control, claiming that it is their inviolable freedom not to wear a mask or use the mandatory check-in app. They often record or livestream themselves. They go a little higher on freedom.

The brand’s performance has been fueled as a pandemic “activism” thanks to the promotion of the blockade movement. As an attitude, it sneaks into wellness and alternative communities through the tension of “medical libertarianism”. This is the idea of ​​the “my body, my choice” debate that applies to collective emergencies such as pandemics, rather than individual rights such as abortion. As a result, local SMEs like the Sunshine Coast frequently experience these performances.

But this was different. Ricky and Sam’s next move was to evoke influence on the anti-blockage movement as a threat to restaurants.

I’m interested in the blockade prevention podium and the ongoing push of limits by protesters. All the real activists I’ve known so far are interested in building the movement to some extent, so they don’t seem to be interested in making a good impression with anyone-I Is strange. There always seems to be less concern among blockage prevention lots.

Still, strangers do not seem to think of their own “medical libertarian” body autonomy as far as recognizing the right to safety or security to others who take the pandemic seriously. Collectivism is in many of these. It’s a declared evil.

I recently recorded a video about another vegan restaurant on the Sunshine Coast.The management of New Earth Cafe fine If you violate the coronavirus restrictions. Videos of repeated police visits to their cafe show the owners writing the treatises they read.

As Ricky and Sam did with Sarah, the owners cited “common law” as a kind of exemption token that protects them from participating in COVID safe measures.

The story of this “common law” hints at the rhetoric of sovereign citizens. This is a series of false arguments that evoke conspiracy theorists’ belief that the government is actually a business and that the law is virtually invalid.

Known as “Pseudo-legal commercial debate“They are usually sold to people who are not legally informed as a trick to escape from prison. Only if you read the correct combination of wise words, speeding tickets, congressional fees , Or you can escape the pandemic restrictions Police offer (it never works, in fact it will land its more aggressive supporters in a year of avoidable legal turmoil.)

In a video uploaded by New Earth Cafe, you can see a third man waiting, who appears to be submitting “common law” documents. The man turned out to be Ricky-the same Ricky who is harassing Sarah’s staff.

Ricky Sundara moves around.He GoFundMe The New Earth Cafe may have had legal problems with its owner, except that it was set up before the fine was imposed. It also technically states that it is intended to “educate people about common law.” Basically, to help spread more conspiracy trash.

GoFundMe references both established Ricky and Zev Freeman Podium to prevent blockage Sovereign citizens who worked with Pete Evans Before. So we are considering two veteran blockade conspiracy theorists. One of them has approached Sunshine Coast companies in different ways, bullying COVIDs to violate safe restrictions, and helping acceptable companies to form a crusade against the country. increase.

Is there any of these voluntary businesses supported by the “support” of these figureheads? No. They were conspired to be bold to receive a real fine that they couldn’t fight the “common law” trash. They are duplicates-just a way to GoFundMe associated with another spectacle.

How about a collection of movements? They are also becoming more daring and aggressive. When Melbourne’s sixth blockade began Snap anti-lockdown rally It was held at CBD. People came in, wore horny anon masks and Australian flag cloaks, livestreamed and took part in the fight against bronze.

Anti-blockage movement eating something that is easy to be deceived

Blockade duplicates are being sucked up for cash and social media reach before being thrown away.

At Burke Street bars, people enjoyed the last drink before days, weeks, or months before the blockade debris began to hit the glass. When they couldn’t get in, they started yelling at the drinker: “Pedophile!”

I’m a left-handed activist who has organized and attended meetings for years. I can’t remember developing a movement-building tactic that screamed as a “pedophile” because he didn’t participate in passers-by. But are these people wondering how terrible they are? No-they don’t think of others at all.

This is an organized performance egoism, modeled by the caste of someone who is mostly interested in whether they can harvest money, stocks, or votes from their own standpoint. Who cares if believers call everyone pedophiles? As long as they share your GoFundMe, is that so?

Sarah’s business later received a message. It was from Ricky’s wife Sam.


The business rejected Sam’s “offer.”

The good, the bad, the ugly side of the blockade protest

It’s easy to blame protesters in anti-blocking rallies, but the government also needs to be held accountable for its role.

She later told them:

It’s painful for people to think about what it means for SMEs to “go further.” It’s a shame that supporters of the “freedom” movement wave for a very large network of anti-lockdown protesters like threats. This is a type of pressure that forces small, struggling hospitality companies to violate government pandemic regulations.

Sarah does not oppose the rights of protesters of the anti-blocking movement against the restrictions of COVID-19. She doesn’t know why her staff have to bear the brunt of their attacks.

How many others have been bullied by these threatening tactics by these self-assertive defenders of “freedom”? The podiums and careerists shaping the blockade movement are wasting the opportunity to shape the political will of their movement and grow it accordingly, or at least dominate the more unpleasant instincts of their followers. increase.

But if all you care about is reach, cash, and voting from your existing network, why bother trying to change something? You might call everyone a pedophile, continuing to engage in acts adjacent to blackmail and letting them keep throwing tempered tantrums.

Don’t forget to donate when you’re done.

Pandemic activists have saved more lives than the government

Community groups and activists have done much more than our own government to help those in need during a pandemic.

Tanuki Tom An online satirist, social justice commentator, writer, and comedian. He has worked in anti-racist political comedies, especially through his satirical group Million Flag Patriots and anti-racist groups. Yell at a racist dog (Yard). Follow Tom on Twitter @tom_tanuki.

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