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Labor to confront malicious attacks before elections – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Labor to confront malicious attacks before elections – Illinoisnewstoday.com

As Delta strain Extending the blockade of Australia, Scott Morrison Finally, he is paying a political price for his government’s failed quarantine and vaccination policies. Morrison Approval Decline in rating The 8-point prime minister has returned to the negative net approval territory and is already wide consensus The next election is probably Last possible moment..

As Delta strain Extending the blockade of Australia, Scott Morrison Finally, he is paying a political price for his government’s failed quarantine and vaccination policies.

Morrison Approval Decline in rating The 8-point prime minister has returned to the negative net approval territory and is already wide consensus The next election is probably Last possible moment..

Faced with that, Morrison faces a difficult challenge.

New South Wales will now remember the blockade Seems likely Expand for Christmas.Western Australia Lost cause.. COVID is damage Economically, and historically, governments that have been in power for nine years tend to change as people look for new ideas.For recent Newspoll Numbers If accurate, the elections that take place today will have some consequences. Landslide Last experience Kevin Rudd In 2007.

However, in 2021, center-leftists around the world face significant barriers to their success in elections, and countless stakeholders are ready to actively defend the coalition. Australia’s next election is likely to be a battle between the people and rich institutions, and interests will raise political temperature in ways not normally experienced in friendly and laid-back countries.

Asking Albanese to stand aside is useless and useless

Replacing Labor leader Anthony Albanese with Tanya Priversk or Jim Chalmers would go terribly wrong, Alan Austin wrote.

First, there is an extraordinary disconnect between government environmental policy and public sentiment.latest IPCC report In clear words, Immediateness Many of the challenges facing humans and Australians seem to be listening. 75 percent Many Australians support setting a net zero emissions target by 2030, within eight and a half years from now. This will require a radical and unprecedented modification of the Australian economy.Still, the Morrison government can not We also agree on a goal for 2050.

is I was ridiculed overseas As a carbon paria, it still contains some member Those who still wonder if climate change is a reality.

Such a big disparity is Democratic deficit And this led some commentator It suggests that the resource industry is effectively capturing Australia’s democracy.That was certainly true 2019 election, For resources billionaire With his money Almost certainly Change the overall result.

Look forward to Clive Palmer as the mining and resource industries face existential climate threats that appear to be widely understood by the general public. Gina Rinehart And all the other bargains and dealers try to spend their way back to Kirribilli House.

Next is the media.Australian person Media ownership Is already the most integrated in the world, and the increase in viewership at Sky News Australia Fox News’‘Corrosive model to our shore. Rupert Murdoch Editors often claim independence from the owner, but when the Labor Party finally challenged the election as incumbent, Murdoch’s press said Rad. Julia Gillard, Notorious and climax’Drive out this mob‘The Daily Telegraph heading.

Sky News Australia’s Evening Anchor is already dealing with false information, lies and distortions every day. The Morrison administration is at stake, and Murdoch and his minions may attempt to play a decisive role in who will form the next administration.

Despite “the worst kind of irresponsible journalism”, Murdoch gets a gong

News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch received the Lifetime Achievement Award on Australia Day. Alan Austin queries this decision.

The above three civilians are all millionaires and are leveraging their vast wealth to direct Australia’s governance into a policy that adds it to its already inflated pockets. Rinehart gave millions to Institute of Public Affairs, This consistently promotes climate skepticism.

Palmer’s malicious presence was felt over many issues and gained the wrath of many Western Australians by publishing. Proceedings Attempted to open WA’s tough borders during the first COVID crisis. Murdoch is the most vicious actor, not a citizen. His business has a firm grasp of the Australian media. Often pay zero tax For huge income.

But to understand how much Australia’s next election mandate has been redefined, we need to look abroad and in history. Overton window The number of election contests has changed to the point where Australian elections are bound by convention.

In Britain, the Labor Party has been in power for only 13 of the 42 years since the election. Margaret Thatcher And 10 of those years are “New Labor“Banner Tony Blair, Souvenirs that look like models Anthony Albanese He is planning his own victory.

Blair was so far from traditional Labor values ​​that he led the world’s prosecution towards a historic catastrophe. Iraq War, And Murdoch to him Godfather To his daughter.

British voters today can choose between center-right and centre-right leaders and those who remember the last true Labor regime. Wilson When Callahan I’m in my 50s now.

Early elections would be suicide for Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a lot to do to restore his reputation if he wants to win his next term.

It’s almost the same in America.The Democratic Party has hosted the White House for 17 of the 41 years since Ronald Reagan’s election, but two recent incumbents Bill Clinton When Barack Obama, Mainly governed from the center, but (especially in the case of Obama) Was attacked As a radical socialist.In the early days of Reagan’s first semester, the maximum income tax rate was 70%, which is Bernie Sanders I dare to propose today.

It is in this context that Anthony Albanese must see the contest first, probably because of these constraints and changing consignment conditions that workers have with depression, thrown away Its signature policy is to roll back the benefits of negative gearing and reduce taxes for the rich.

Albanese has determined that it is probably the only place available and accepted by the centre-right to win power.

Whether due to corruption, idealism, inability to make a difference, or simple incompetence, Scott Morrison’s coalition government does not and cannot respond to this crucial moment of the climate crisis. Must be admitted. However, the window of modern political acceptance means that some fundamental changes required by the IPCC report are essentially off the Australian election table.

A young liberal fundraising event on the same day the report was published Can be auctioned Turn off coal from the Adani mine for $ 2,600.The bark of ridicule from those who take the climate crisis seriously was heard by the Western Australian Government just a few days later. Approved Development of BHP’s new $ 16 billion scaborow gas project.

It is clear that the country needs rapid and radical changes in political policy to avoid catastrophic climate disasters. But don’t expect it to appear at the top of the ticket the next time Australia votes. Saving the planet is no longer an acceptable policy.

George Grandy Is an English and Australian writer, media expert and businessman.Read more on George’s blog americanprimerweekly.com Or follow him on Twitter @georgewgrundy..

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