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Second French evacuation flight from Kabul landing in Paris – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Second French evacuation flight from Kabul landing in Paris – Illinoisnewstoday.com

A second French evacuation flight from Kabul in an operation that landed in Paris on Wednesday and may last for several more days. The flight carried more than 200 passengers, and the majority of Afghans, including a large number of women and children, landed shortly before 1700 GMT. Follow France24’s regular updates on the Afghanistan

A second French evacuation flight from Kabul in an operation that landed in Paris on Wednesday and may last for several more days. The flight carried more than 200 passengers, and the majority of Afghans, including a large number of women and children, landed shortly before 1700 GMT. Follow France24’s regular updates on the Afghanistan crisis here.

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•• The IMF denies access to Afghan resources due to “lack of clarity” on Taliban government approval

The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday that Afghanistan will not have access to IMF resources, including a new allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) reserves, as government approval has not been clarified after the Taliban took control of Kabul. Stated. ..

“As always, the IMF is guided by the views of the international community,” an IMF spokesman said in a statement. “Currently, there is a lack of clarity within the international community regarding the approval of the Afghan government, and as a result, the country has no access to SDR or other IMF resources.”

The IMF plans to distribute a $ 650 billion SDR to all eligible members on August 23. Afghanistan’s share was valued at about $ 340 million, Afghanistan’s chief bank chief, Azimal Ahmadhi, said Wednesday.

The Afghan Bank (DAB) reserves were about $ 9 billion, most of which are stored in foreign banks out of the reach of the Taliban, Ahmadhi said on Twitter.

“According to international standards, most assets are stored in safe, liquid assets such as government bonds and gold,” said Ahmadhi, who fled the country on Sunday for fear of security when the Taliban rushed into the capital. Stated.

•• Second French evacuation flight from Kabul landing in Paris

The first Afghans to be flown from Kabul by France after the Taliban seize power arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Wednesday.

An air force aircraft carrying more than 200 passengers. The majority of Afghans, including 25 French citizens and numerous women and children, landed shortly before 1700 GMT.

This was the second French evacuation flight that landed in Paris in an operation that could last for a few more days. The first flight on Monday carried mainly French citizens.

The French Immigration Service (OFII) and the association Terre d’Asile take care of Afghan passengers on the flight, but both refuse to provide accommodation details.

“We are building their reception facility as a matter of urgency and need,” OFII chief Didier Leschi told AFP.

• Turkish President Erdogan says he is open to working with the Taliban

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a television interview Wednesday that he was ready to work with the Islamic Taliban and welcomed their modest remarks so far.

Erdogan also said Turkey still aims to keep Kabul airport safe three days after the Taliban fighters ruled the capital of Afghanistan.

Turkey, a NATO member with hundreds of troops in Afghanistan, was discussing with the United States a proposal to keep these troops in the country to guard and operate the airport after the withdrawal of other NATO troops. ..

Turkish sources told Reuters this week that the original plan was withdrawn due to the turmoil in Kabul, but Turkey will provide Taliban safety and technical assistance at the airport.

• Crab says he left Kabul to prevent bloodshed and didn’t spend money

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani released a video message from the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday confirming that it had previously hosted him “for humanitarian reasons.”

Gani said he would work on Afghanistan’s “recent trends” before launching a streamed message on his Facebook page. When the Taliban approached Kabul, he fled the country over the weekend.

“We are in talks with others until I return so that I can continue my efforts for Afghan justice,” he said.

Crab also said he had left Kabul to prevent bloodshed and denied reports that he had a large sum of money when he left the presidential residence.

• NATO Foreign Minister Holds Emergency Meeting in Afghanistan

NATO’s foreign minister will hold an emergency video conference on Friday to discuss the development of Afghanistan and the steps they can take, said alliance chief Jason Stoltenberg.

“I will convene an extraordinary virtual meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on Friday, August 20, to continue close coordination and discuss our common approach to Afghanistan,” he tweeted Wednesday.

The session followed an extraordinary meeting of NATO envoys on Tuesday, after which Stoltenberg admitted that the alliance was surprised by the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan.

He accused Afghan leaders of “not standing up” in the Taliban and emphasized that the current priority is to evacuate the remaining 800 NATO civilians and their Afghan employees in Kabul. did.

Stoltenberg reiterated that all NATO members supported the US decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. This meant that all Allied soldiers deployed were also gone.

• United Arab Emirates welcomes Afghan President Crab after flight from Kabul

The United Arab Emirates said Wednesday that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was hosting “for humanitarian reasons” after fleeing the country during the Taliban takeover.

“The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation can confirm that the UAE has welcomed President Ashraf Ghani and his family into the country for humanitarian reasons,” he said in a short statement.

When the Taliban arrived in Kabul, the crab fled Afghanistan on Sunday. He said he did so to avoid bloodshed.

• France evacuates citizens and Afghans “need protection”

NS French army Taking people out of Kabul A military aircraft to Abu Dhabi, from which a passenger plane will fly to Paris. The first delegation of 41 French and foreigners arrived in France on Tuesday.

“Almost 200 Afghans who worked for France Or, those under threat have just evacuated not only from Kabul, but also from French and foreigners. ” President Emmanuel Macron In the tweet, he added that the operation would continue.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said 216 people, including 25 French, 184 Afghans “from civil society in need of protection” and seven other foreigners, boarded the plane.

The operation said it meant that most people, both French and Afghans, who had been evacuated to the French embassy in Kabul, have now evacuated. The French Embassy is currently working outside the airport.

• The Taliban are using violence to disperse protests in Jalalabad, health officials say

At least one person was killed and six were injured when the Taliban violently dispersed protests in the eastern city of Jalalabad, according to Afghan health officials.

Dozens of people gathered in Jalalabad to raise the national flag the day before Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which commemorates the end of British rule in 1919. They are the areas they have captured by the militants.

Video footage later showed that the Taliban fired in the air and attacked people with batons to disperse the crowd. A local news agency reporter, Babrak Amirzada, said he and another news agency TV cameraman were beaten by the Taliban when they tried to hide their anxiety.

Health officials were not allowed to speak to the media, so they spoke on condition of anonymity.

• Stampede injured at Kabul Airport gate 17

According to NATO security officials, a crowd accident occurred at the gate of Kabul Airport on Wednesday, injuring 17 people.

Officials who refused to verify their identity said they had never heard reports of Taliban fighter violence outside the airport.

Afghan civilians leaving after the Taliban occupied the capital on Sunday were told not to gather around the airport unless they had a passport and visa to travel, at the airport. The official who was working said.

• Statue of Hazara’s anti-Taliban hero blown up in Bamiyan, residents say

According to residents, the statue of Abdul Ali Mazari, a prominent Hazara resistance hero and anti-Taliban fighter, was decapitated in the city of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan.

“I don’t know who blew up the statue (of Abdul Ali Mazari), but there are various groups of Taliban here, some of whom are known for their brutality,” the resident said. I told AFP. With a name.

Mazari was killed by the Taliban in 1995, and a group of Hazara leaders and local elders were asked to meet with the Taliban’s senior commander. His amputated body was discovered a day later.

• The UK has evacuated more than 2,000 people

United Kingdom Since then, it has evacuated more than 2,000 Afghans. Taliban takeover, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliamentarians on Wednesday that Congress was recalled to discuss the crisis.

“As part of the resettlement program, we have ensured the safe return of 306 British and 2,052 Afghan citizens so far,” he said, completing an additional 2,000 Afghan applications and “more.” Was processed.

• Germany dispatches 600 troops to assist in evacuation

Germany Up to 600 military personnel will be dispatched to Kabul to assist the evacuation of German citizens and former Afghan embassy staff.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet on Wednesday approved a mission that began on Monday. The Bundestag also needs to vote for military missions that are likely to take place next week.

All armed foreign deployments of the German army must be approved by the German parliament.

Normally this must be done before the start of the deployment, but in this case the Cabinet and Parliament are also allowed to look back and approve the mission due to the imminent dangers exposed to German citizens in Afghanistan. The German news agency dpa reported.

• Senior Haqqani Network Leader Meets Karzai

Meet Anas Haqqani, commander of the Taliban and senior leader of the Haqqani Network’s radical group Afghan President Hamid Karzai Taliban officials said for a meeting Wednesday as the Taliban struggled to establish a government.

Karzai said the Taliban officials were not identified at the meeting, accompanied by Abdullah Abdullah, the former government’s main peace envoy. He gave no further details.

The Taliban’s key faction, the Haqqani Network, is based on the border with Pakistan and has recently been accused of some of Afghanistan’s most deadly militant attacks.

• The United States evacuates about 3,200 people

The White House said on Tuesday that about 3,200 people, including US citizens, permanent residents and their families, had been evacuated by the US military in 13 flights.

However, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan admitted on Tuesday that some civilians were facing resistance as they tried to reach Kabul International Airport.

However, the Sullivan claimed that “a large number of people” had arrived at the airport and that other issues were being addressed by the Taliban following Monday. Chaotic scene Of Afghans desperately trying to escape the Taliban takeover.

The U.S. wants to complete the evacuation by the August 31 withdrawal deadline, and thousands of U.S. A military soldier was at the airport.

(France24 with AFP, Associated Press and Reuters)

First published on France24

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