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4th Stimulus Check Update: The states expecting to receive new checks – MARCA.com

4th Stimulus Check Update: The states expecting to receive new checks – MARCA.com

It was initially hoped that we might have been out of the woods by now when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the fact it still remains has led to calls for a fourth stimulus check from federal government. However, there has been a shift which means that states are now the ones now

It was initially hoped that we might have been out of the woods by now when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the fact it still remains has led to calls for a fourth stimulus check from federal government. However, there has been a shift which means that states are now the ones now responsible for looking after their citizens, so some of the 50 states across the USA have either sent out stimulus checks or created programs to support lower- and medium-income individuals and families. In this guide, we explain what is happening in the USA when it comes to financial aid being offered.

Federal stimulus checks initially came to the rescue at the start of this pandemic, but it is now the states who are tasked to provide new and various economic offerings that will come as a welcome relief to families across the United States.

Below, we have outlined states where stimulus checks are either being prepared or debated, or where money is already being given out to residents. We’ll also explain how to qualify for these fourth stimulus checks.

4th Stimulus Check Update: The states expecting to receive new checks

Stimulus Checks status

Various states are already in the process of sending out checks to ease some of the financial pain brought upon by COVID-19 and the subsequent lasting measures. In addition, every new month can bring fresh updates, so here comes a look at the stimulus check situation in every state for October 2021.

Below, we take a detailed look at the various states and what they are currently proposing in terms of stimulus check support to citizens.

Alabama Stimulus Checks

It remains unclear if Alabama residents will receive further COVID-19 relief checks, but it doesn’t look too promising. The latest news out of the state with regard to the COVID-19 relief funds is that Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law numerous bills that would pave the way for the state to start the construction of new prisons using federal aid money.

Alaska Stimulus Checks

Those people living in Alaska could receive financial aid through the Federal State Extended Benefit program, which could bring another 13 to 20 weeks of checks. This, though, is only possible for certain residents and it depends on how much of this pot of money has already been claimed. Furthermore, Alaskans are waiting for updates regarding what will happen with the annual oil wealth checks.

Arizona Stimulus Checks

There is little sign of Arizona offering a new form of financial aid amid COVID-19, with Governor Doug Ducey set to use federal money to encourage people to find employment rather than paying people not to work. The state’s Back to Work Program is offering a one-off 1,000 dollar payment for unemployed persons who accept part-time work and 2,000 dollars to anyone unemployed person who takes on a full-time post.

Arkansas Stimulus Checks

Talk of a fourth stimulus check in Arkansas will have to wait, as the Arkansas state government is currently involved in a legal battle with its own residents over the end of the federal unemployment benefits that were worth 300 dollars per week. Until that battle is resolved, a fourth check is unlikely.

California Stimulus Checks – Golden State Stimulus II

As things stand, California is the only state that have sent a stimulus check from their own money in the form of the Golden State Stimulus, as the state has a budget surplus due to their tax system. Residents earning 30,000-75,000 dollars a year are entitled to 500 or 600 dollars, as well as 500 dollars to be paid to households with dependent children.

Beginning on September 17, these Golden State Stimulus payments have begun to be sent out to eligible citizens across California, however if you are expecting to receive the check via mail, these will be sent from October 5. An important thing to remember with California is that by midnight on Friday, October 15, you must have filed your 2020 tax return in order to gain access to the Golden State Stimulus payments.

Colorado Stimulus Checks

People who received at least one unemployment payment between March 15, 2020, and October 24, 2020, will receive 375 dollars. However, those on higher incomes who qualified for more than 500 per week in employment benefits will not be eligible.

Connecticut Stimulus Checks

Connecticut’s “Back to Work” plan involved the provision of a 1,000 dollar check to eligible applicants who get back into the workforce after eight weeks off of unemployment, as announced by Governor Ned Lamont in September 2021.

Delaware Stimulus Checks

Delawareans who do not typically file federal income tax returns are being urged to keep an eye out in their mailboxes for a letter from the IRS notifying them that they may qualify for a federal Economic Impact Payment (EIP).

“According to the IRS, letters are going to 32,875 Delawareans who don’t have to file a return. Though the federal government has already sent payments to almost 500,000 people in Delaware, I want to make sure everyone gets a payment who is entitled to,” State Treasurer Colleen Davis said.

Florida Stimulus Checks

Most teachers and administrators were allocated a 1,000 dollar payment, though things are still in development.

Georgia Stimulus Checks

Georgia’s plan is generous, and full-time teachers and administrators will pocket 1,000 dollars, while part-time teachers will take 500 dollars. Pre-K educators will also likely have payments to claim.

Hawaii Stimulus Checks

In Hawaii, lawmakers sought to offer 2,200 dollars to teachers, yet it was vetoed by Governor David Ige, as he said that lawmakers didn’t have the authority to instruct the Department of Education on how to utilise federal money.

Idaho Stimulus Checks

According to Boise State Public Radio, some Idaho residents are expected to receive a one-time tax rebate in the coming months. This financial rebate will be sent to full-time residents who sent in their income tax returns in 2019 and 2020, and will receive either a minimum of 50, in addition to a further 50 for each dependent, or nine percent of the state income tax that they paid in 2019, depending on which is the greater sum.

Illinois Stimulus Checks

Illinoisans have been entitled for stimulus checks from the government like any other state but with such payments ceasing from the federal level, it appears as that there are no plans for for an all-encompassing stimulus check to be issued, which means that citizens in cities like Chicago will miss out.

People from Illinois, however, can still apply for a Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit should they be eligible.

Indiana Stimulus Checks

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb ended unemployment benefits early, doing so on June 19. That was well ahead of the September 6 end date that was written in the American Rescue Plan. Jobseekers in Indiana took action against the state and a legal battle broke out. After much toing and froing, the end result is that Indiana will keep paying federal unemployment benefits to those eligible.

Iowa Stimulus Checks

While there is not a clear stimulus check on the way, current and prospective college students are able to make an application for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ahead of the 2021-22 school year. This could save families as much as 30,000 dollars.

Kansas Stimulus Checks

According to Internal Revenue Service records, the state of Kansas either refused, paid back or failed to cash over 17 million dollars in stimulus checks (12,921 checks). There is currently no new information on whether Kansas will be offering further stimulus checks.

Kentucky Stimulus Checks

Local reports suggest that new stimulus payments could be distributed in Kentucky due to a drastic rise in jobless claims, although nothing concrete has yet been announced.

Louisiana Stimulus Checks

Unemployment has shot up in Louisiana, in large part due to the recent Hurricane Ida, and calls for additional assistance in this regard is mounting, yet no official word has been given in terms of amounts or payment dates.

Maine Stimulus Checks

Maine does not appear to be planning another round of stimulus payments before the year’s end.

Maryland Stimulus Checks

All state and local taxes on unemployment benefits have been repealed, and stimulus payments of 500 dollars for families and 300 dollars for individuals who filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit were also passed in the legislation.

Some 700m dollars have been set aside for farmworkers and meat packers and around 20 million of that will go to grocery store workers, with the funds provided by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

Massachussetts Stimulus Checks

It seems that Massachussetts does not have another stimulus payment coming, with much of the coronavirus relief money in recent months having gone towards areas such as housing.

Michigan Stimulus Checks

In a bid to boost the locals’ economic situation in Michigan, the state has started to send 500 dollar hazard pay bonuses to their teachers.

Minnesota Stimulus Checks

Some 116,000 Minnesotans are being called to register for their COVID-19 stimulus check for up to 1,200 dollars.

Mississippi Stimulus Checks

Mississippi was one of the first states where the unemployment benefits stimulus payments ended early and there are currently no plans for more stimulus checks to be paid out, which is a contrast to many states across the USA. This is one of the states where a fresh round of payments looks unlikely. Yet, there are increasing calls for more money to be distrubted to citizens in Mississippi.

Missouri Stimulus Checks

Missouri families in the low-income category who are unemployed as a result of COVID-19 are now entitled to a temporary Child Care Subsidy benefit for up to 60 days while they look for work. This benefit is available through May 31, 2021.

Montana Stimulus Checks

Funding from Montana’s share of the March federal coronavirus relief bill will go towards a variety of local infrastructure projects, including 86 water and sewer projects around the state.

Nebraska Stimulus Checks

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has allocated 1,099,058 dollars to the state of Nebraska, although there has been no update in the last month on whether any new financial assistance will be given to residents in need.

Nevada Stimulus Checks

The Child Tax Credit sees between 3,000 and 3,600 dollars per child handed to almost all working families in Nevada. Half of the credit is going out in monthly payments, which has started going out since July and will continue until December 2021, while the remaining half will be given through 2021 tax refunds. The state of Nevada is doing very well in terms of its response from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the gaming industry in the state bringing in around a billion dollars a month, although they recognise that once stimulus checks are a thing of the past this may decrease.

New Hampshire Stimulus Checks

An American family of three with no income in New Hampshire receives a grant worth 1,086 dollars per month.

New Jersey Stimulus Checks

A fourth stimulus check is not expected in New Jersey, but residents could be entitled for 500 dollar tax rebates.

4th Stimulus Check Update: The states expecting to receive new checks

New Mexico Stimulus Checks

The state of New Mexico has set aside five million dollars for its citizens to cope with the economic pain caused by COVID-19. This will be a one-time payment which will prioritise households with the lowest incomes before a limited number of applicants are accepted based on funding availability.

New York Stimulus Checks

In New York, there is a 2.1 billion dollar fund for undocumented workers who were unable to claim financial aid via the federal stimulus. In order to qualify, you will need to be a resident of the state and have made less than 26,208 dollars in 2020.

Furthermore, the New York City Artist Corps will be supporting local artists in the form of a one-off payment set to be distributed in the month of October.

North Carolina Stimulus Checks

There is currently no information out of North Carolina regarding stimulus payments and other forms of financial aid.

North Dakota Stimulus Checks

In August 2021, the US Department of Education gave the green light to North Dakota to use its American Rescue Plan funds to support K-12 schools and students, with 101m dollars allocated to the state in this area.

Ohio Stimulus Checks

In September, the state of Ohio announced that 46m dollars would be allocated to support students in need, with grants of 250 dollars to 3,000 dollars handed out depending on each individual’s need.

Oklahoma Stimulus Checks

The Oklahoma State Department of Education will allocate 13 million dollars of its COVID-19 relief money to pay student teachers.

Oregon Stimulus Checks

There have been no new updates since August on COVID-19 related relief funds for Oregon residents.

Pennsylvania Stimulus Checks

Pennsylvania is not among the states to have given extra stimulus payments or relief money to its residents.

Rhode Island Stimulus Checks

Workers in Rhode Island are hoping that Congress can deliver legislation that would provide a fourth stimulus check of 1,400 to Social Security recipients, yet despite online campaigns, it has not yet been seen.

South Carolina Stimulus Checks

South Carolina is among the slowest states in terms of COVID recovery, yet no additional relief has been announced.

South Dakota Stimulus Checks

South Dakota was the only state that chose not to receive the federally funded 300 dollar weekly unemployment benefit, in the form of the Lost Wages Assistance, which was issued for up to six weeks starting in August.

Tennessee Stimulus Checks

Checks of 1,000 dollars will be sent to teachers, labelled as hazard pay bonuses, and part-time teachers will get 500 dollars.

Texas Stimulus Checks

Nothing state-wide has been confirmed, but Fort Worth and Arlington will increase the pay of district employees by four percent. Denton and Mansfile will increase pay by two percent, while Denton employees will also be given a bonus of 500 dollars.

In Irving, a 2,000 dollar payment will be given to staff who return to classrooms in September.

Utah Stimulus Checks

In July, it was announced that Utah households received the most valuable stimulus checks in the third round of payments, with the average check worth 2,784 dollars.

Vermont Stimulus Checks

Vermont is trying to incentivise people to move to its state by offering to reimburse up to 7,500 dollars in moving expenses when relocating for a job in a selection of industries. And in February 2022, this will also apply to remote workers.

Virginia Stimulus Checks

In West Virginia, around 7,700 stimulus checks remain unclaimed and residents could receive additional payments if the state is holding onto any of that money from either stimulus checks or child tax credit money, according the US Sun. Meanwhile, the town of Boyce in Virginia is planning to provide a stimulus check for its residents by using the ARPA funds.

Washington Stimulus Checks

Despite calls for a fourth round of checks in Washington, the state has cooled talks of such a possibility.

West Virginia Stimulus Checks

In West Virginia, there are more than 7,700 unclaimed stimulus checks, Child Tax Credit and others.

The question, of course, is whether any of those stimulus checks can be recovered.

“If you haven’t you need to file one, or you can go to IRS.GOV, ‘Where’s my Stimulus Check?’, and look on there and enter your information and that may be able to help you, but filing a tax return will help and if you don’t have any taxable income you can still file a tax return electronically, and that’s the best way to get one soon,” said John Empson, a Certified Public Accountant.

Wisconsin Stimulus Checks

In Wisconsin, the expanded federal child tax credit will supplement families of more than 1.15 million children which will receive the money, and it is estimated that some 46,000 families will rise above the federal poverty line as a result.

Wyoming Stimulus Checks

Wyoming discontinued its additional relief in the summer of 2021.

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